Friday, March 25, 2011

Stocks: Research five new stocks, Due Wednesday April 13

The Stock Market
Researching Individual Stocks: Track five stocks
50 points

  1. What is the name of your stock?
  2. What is the ticker or symbol for that particular stock?  Example Yahoo = YHOO
  3. What products or services does that company provide?
  4. What price is your stock currently trading at?
  5. What is the 52 week high and low of your stock?
  6. How much did this stock rise or fall since yesterday?
  7. What type of new products, services or ideas does the company have?  Example, possible release of a new 1000 GB ipod.
  8. In the past five years, what was the stocks highest and lowest trading price? (Chart)
  9. Does your stock offer dividends? If so, how much?
  10. Write down any headline news or blogs that may affect the stock price?

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