Thursday, March 24, 2011

Psychology: Horoscope 100 points

Track your horoscope for seven days. Do the following;

a) name the source (yahoo, LA Times, Washington Post, etc.)
b) write the horoscope description
c) did it come true? How?
d) write a summary characteriziing your sign. example below

Sample summary

Sagittarius, otherwise known as the archer is known to be an enthusiastic person. Sagittarius have birthdays that fall between the days of November 22 and December 21. My birthday, December 6th falls right in the middle of these dates. Although my daily horoscopes fail to be true day after day I have found that the description of a Sagittarius suits me quite well. According to Man, Myth and Magic I am a person who believes that money and luck will always flow in my direction. If you were to ask either of my parents they would tell you that this is a true statement about me. I am a hard worker but then at the same rate as the book says I am always looking for amusement in everything that I do. It is hard for me to show physical affection towards others yet it is easy for me to help out others with my time and money if I am able to do so. According to Man, Myth, and Magic Sagittarius are generally gamblers and travelers. I myself hate gambling and breaking the rules in fear of what will happen. But I do love traveling and spur of the moment plans. Astrology is a harder science to declare as pseudo-psychology because of the truths I often find in it but it is hard to understand how the stars control my fate. I like to believe that it is another source that control my fate. So in my eyes I see it as a pseudo.

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